My Work

Bend Broadband – What We Share (commercial)

Role: director.

Agency: tbd

Duran Duran – Runway Runaway (music video)

Role: writer, director

Selected as one of the best music videos shot in Portland, OR in 2011 via OPB and shown on Duran Duran’s 2011 tour.

Otis – Jay Z and Kanye West (parody / viral)

Viral video done late one night at the office that found it’s way to the Huffington PostNew York Magazine, Playboy and Sundance website and blogs etc.

Role: creative, editor

Coraline – Doll Hair (branded content, shown on IFC and YouTube)

Role: Editor (Joint Editorial)

Client: Laika

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

The Blow – Knowing the Things That I Know (music video)

Role: Director, Editor, and DP (concept by Mike Merrill, animation by E*Rock)

Voted one of the best music videos of the year by RES Magazine, and featured on the magazine’s monthly DVD.


Electric Six – Psychic Visions (music video)

Role: writer, director


 Above: still from a recent assignment, recreating the ending of The Hangover with an all female cast to promote a new app


Commercial I directed



UPDATE! This project was funded on Kickstarter and the book will be self published!

“Hello, My Name is Octicorn” is the funny, odd and charming story of an Octicorn trying to find his place in the world.

Created by Justin Lowe & Kevin Diller, the book is about an Octicorn who is trying believe in himself.

But that’s not easy when you’re half mythical.


Take a look at our Kickstarter project here!


Hello, My Name is Octicorn

I’ve finished illustrations for the new Octicorn children’s book written by Kevin Diller and designed by Dani Guralnick, based on my character.

The project is now live on Kickstarter.


Hello, My Name is Octicorn


I Am a Scientist - The Dandy Warhols

Still from video shoot.


I Am a Scientist – The Dandy Warhols


This was an effect I created for a King Black Acid music video I directed in Portland, Oregon back in the day. We shot at Dantes, and one of the videographers, Tom Frisch had rotated in a 360 around talent. Using my mouse I scratched the footage like a DJ and dropped it back to tape, then slowed it down to create this.

In 2003, Portlandia producer David Cress, knowing I wanted to work with The Dandy Warhols and having seen some of my stuff – was kind enough to get me brought onto The Last High music video as a creative consultant. We put some of my scratching effect in the video. Andrews Jenkins directed the video and Dennis Fitzgerald edited.

I grew up grew up in a small town on the Oregon Coast with a cultural center: Waldport Video.
The store is still around decades later. Cash only. Rare titles. Tons of stories. And the same man behind the counter: Chuck.

This piece (which was scored by Auditory Sculpture) was originally intended as a trailer for a longer film that would debut on YouTube. That film was not completed but this piece still serves as a good introduction to Mr. Hill, who paints interesting folk art in addition to running the store.

A lot of Chuck's art shows have supported animal shelters.

A lot of Chuck’s art shows have supported animal shelters.

Chuck Hill

A self portrait Chuck did early in his 10+ years of painting

A glimpse inside Waldport Video, cultural center of the Oregon Coast town, which is still open to this day and carries more rare titles, vintage VHS, and new DVDs and BluRays then one could find in a city.