My Work

Duran Duran – Runway Runaway (music video)

Role: writer, director

Selected as one of the best music videos shot in Portland, OR in 2011 via OPB and shown on Duran Duran’s 2011 tour.

Bend Broadband – What We Share (commercial)

Role: director.

Agency: tbd 

We did a series of these, all using real bubbles and without CGI.

Otis – Jay Z and Kanye West (parody / viral)

Role: creative, editor

Viral video done late one night at the office that found it’s way to the Huffington PostNew York Magazine, Playboy and Sundance website and blogs etc.

Electric Six – Psychic Visions (music video)

Role: writer, director

This video recently crossed 100,000 views on YouTube without any advertising.


Above: still from a recent assignment, recreating the ending of The Hangover with an all female cast to promote a new app.

Coraline – Doll Hair (branded content, shown on IFC and YouTube)

Role: Editor (Joint Editorial)

Client: Laika

The Blow – Knowing the Things That I Know (music video)

Role: Director, Editor, and DP (concept by Mike Merrill, animation by E*Rock)

Voted one of the best music videos of the year by RES Magazine, and featured on the magazine’s monthly DVD. 

Nike ID – Patty Cake :15 

Role: Director, co-star

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

(producer: Jeff Selis, CD: Mike Byrne)

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge


Came across the following text online.

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, as a unit of the National Wildlife Refuge system, was created for the American people to conserve wildlife and natural resources. The right to enjoy this wildlife refuge is currently not available.

Recently armed occupants took over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters to protest jail sentences imposed on two ranchers convicted of poaching and setting fires on government owned land. The group wants federally owned land turned over to local control. They claim federal ownership of these lands is a detriment to their livelihood as ranchers.

Ranchers in the West have been working in collaboration with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for decades. The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program, for example, works directly with ranchers and other private landowners to help them improve the wildlife habitat values of their lands. This 25-year-old program has helped 45,000 landowners restore more than 1 million acres of wetland habitat, 3 million acres of upland habitat and 11,000 miles of streams.

Wildlife refuges are meeting places for people of all political affiliations and walks of life: hunters, anglers, birders, ranchers, hikers, school children, researchers, teachers, photographers – and they are community resources. They attract tourism dollars, provide shared natural resources, and often include cooperative uses like farming and grazing in partnership with neighbors. There are ranchers who currently graze their cattle on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

The current situation at Malheur has harmed the local economy, evicted refuge staff from their homes and workplace, caused local schools to close, removed the community’s right to enjoy the resources this refuge offers and prevented proper management of the wildlife and habitat at this southeastern Oregon wildlife refuge. On top of that, the standoff is costing American taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in law enforcement and will cost even more to restore damages such as destroyed fences and signs as the armed intruders damage the property of the American people.


That time in 1999 when I set out to scalp tickets to The Phantom Menace, and had to wait in line all day with a bunch of die hard fans. I had my videocamera along with me.

[With Star Wars: A Force Awakens coming out soon figured I’d jump in the Delorian and bring the internet this video.]

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 8.58.38 AM


Sid and Rose

Last summer I became a babysitter momentarily and found myself watching these two rug rats, Sid and Rose.

They reminded me that everything in life is a circle. And to remember the duality.

Adults teach kids. But kids also teach adults! Pay attention everybody.

Synchronizing Ratatat

Back in 2004 when Ratatat released their debut album, I thought it would be cool to direct a music video to 17 Years featuring synchronized swimmers.

A co-worker at the time, Jessica Vacek mentioned I should check out some Esther Williams. So I ended up at a Hollywood Video and rented Million Dollar Mermaid on VHS. I scrubbed through it and found a fantastic sequence choreographed by Busby Berkeley. Colored smoke, swimmers launching into the water from great heights – they just don’t make ’em like they used to. My plan was to pitch the band on the idea of shooting a synchronized swimming video with me, by synching some footage up to their song. However, I had no idea how well it would actually synch. This, my friends, is magic…