I grew up grew up in a small town on the Oregon Coast with a cultural center: Waldport Video.
The store is still around decades later. Cash only. Rare titles. Tons of stories. And the same man behind the counter: Chuck.

This piece (which was scored by Auditory Sculpture) was originally intended as a trailer for a longer film that would debut on YouTube. That film was not completed but this piece still serves as a good introduction to Mr. Hill, who paints interesting folk art in addition to running the store.

A lot of Chuck's art shows have supported animal shelters.

A lot of Chuck’s art shows have supported animal shelters.

Chuck Hill

A self portrait Chuck did early in his 10+ years of painting

A glimpse inside Waldport Video, cultural center of the Oregon Coast town, which is still open to this day and carries more rare titles, vintage VHS, and new DVDs and BluRays then one could find in a city.  


Chuck Hill – Artist

4 thoughts on “Chuck Hill – Artist

  1. Justin I think this is so great! My mom forwarded it to me and I can’t wait to pass it around. I wish there were some way to do something amazing for Chuck… he had such an important part in all our upbringings. Glad you two remained close throughout the years. 🙂 Take care and thanks again for this wonderful gift!

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