Portlandia: craft beer, crap air. Let’s do something about it.

Portland, OR may be a utopia of amazing parks, craft food and beverage, progressive politics, affordable movie theaters, mostly nice people, and an overall pioneering DIY spirit…but apparently Portland also has some pretty terrible air.

Maybe we should do something about that.    


And it’s not just an issue in Portland, but the rest of Oregon as well.

According to EPA’s National Air Toxics Assessment, Oregon has the third largest population at risk of excess cancer due to air pollution behind only California & New York. (Learned this via http://www.whatsinourair.org )

And across Oregon, 117 schools fall in the worst 10% nationally for exposure to industrial pollution.

Look, Oregon is amazing. So many beautiful places – the beaches, the desert, the mountains, the forests, rivers, lakes. But California has way stricter standards for air quality.

In fact, The Oregonian has reported that Oregon has become a dumping ground for California’s older big diesel rigs which pollute the air. See article here.

An excerpt from the article by Rob Davis: About 350,000 trucks in California are being phased out because they fail to meet that state’s stricter standards. Trucking companies have found willing buyers in Oregon, where environmental standards are looser.

This is a bummer. We can do better. If you’re an Oregonian who would like better air quality please considering contacting your state representatives today, asking for something to be done at the Federal level.

Tweet. Make noise. Get the word out.

Maybe pressure could put on successful companies like Safeway, Whole Foods, Fred Meyers/Kroger to upgrade to delivery trucks that are easier on the environment.

Come up with your own solutions to the problem.

You don’t have to get to upset. You don’t have to get worried.

But nothing will change if you remain silent or apathetic.

All for now…



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