Hello, My Name Is Octicorn is now at Costco

“At once funny and heartfelt, this highly original, important book helps kids to think about their own place among others and encourages acceptance of others, especially those who feel left out.” – The Times Herald

“This book should be on every coffee table in America.” – Instagram comment

“Self-love is a concept that both children and adults can benefit from embracing. This book is an easy read that everyone can appreciate. Crisp white pages with thin all-caps text are flanked by simple Sharpie-like drawings. The child-like style is sure to inspire budding artists.” –        Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Hello, My Name Is Octicorn is now available at Costco! I know this, because my Uncle Steve has been checking the one out in Hillsboro, OR pretty regularly and he just sent me a text that they’ve finally got 20 copies. So if you’re starting your Christmas shopping early and need a unique gift, get to a Costco before my Uncle Steve does.

(Huge thanks to all the friends who have supported this character and project over the years, as well as thanks to all the new friends Octi has been making.)




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