Go out in the world with your fears on mute.

Sometimes I get in a “poor me” mood. Maybe I have a hard day or week. Maybe I have a hard time letting it go.

Sometimes we’re hurting. Sometimes we feel bad. Sometimes there are real legitimate reasons to feel sorry for ourselves.

Other times, we wish it wasn’t so cold outside, or feel frustrated about the the way our shoes look. We can be fickle and moody creatures, as this Bjork song nails rather perfectly.

If you’re having a rough day, and there’s a piece of music or a band you love, put their music on. I also find it helpful to connect with the world, since we can feel disconnected sometimes. And I don’t mean online. Look out the window. A burst of sunlight broke through the clouds as I was typing this post. How many moments like this are we missing? Try to remember that life has your back, even sometimes you may forget that, or disbelieve it. Go out in the world, with your fears on mute, and reconnect to what matters. Nature. Friends. Family. Whatever words you choose. What’s meaningful to you. In no time, that Poor Me voice will quiet down, and you’ll be feeling grateful again.


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