All of my problems are solved.

I’m going to be honest. Before purchasing my Llama Butler Doorstop from uncommon goods, my life was incomplete.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 8.08.15 PM

But this little purchase has filled that void. Not only is it handy for holding doors open, but it is also soft and adorable. Look, it’s not just that I now have a Llama in my house or a doorstop. I have a butler. And that…makes me more special, than people who don’t have a Llama Butler Doorstop.






Full disclosure: While some who know me might argue, I would never buy a $32 doorstop shaped like a Llama. This thing belongs in one of those SkyMall catalogues. 


Jason Roark is a cinematographer and director living in Portland, Oregon. He’s worked as a commercial DP for advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy, and is known for his music video work for bands like the Decemberists, Electric Six, Calexico and Black Prairie. When he’s not building jib arms, and messing around with his many cameras and gadgets, he also finds time to play in bands, and edit video content. And, while the two aren’t related, he’s probably the only camera/guitar pro you’ll find who has both opened for the B52’s and filmed Christopher Lloyd. You can see some of Jason’s videos here and and an Old Spice commercial he lensed below.